Warning! This article includes looters for The Incredible Hulk # 4 The Hulk‘s credibility and reputation as the Strongest Avenger isn’t unfounded, as he is arguably the most difficult hero in the Marvel Universe. The Hulk can wipe out whole entire planets and tolerate attacks with the power akin to atomic weapons, but also still, he’s not absolutely unkillable, and also there are actually bodies out there who possess the ability to take him down completely. Now, one of those bodies is actually formally targeting the Hulk: Man-Thing.

Theodore Sallis also known as Man-Thing is actually a being that is far more than only a ‘Swamp Thing’ knock-off, as he’s in fact a being of enormous importance on a multiversal range. While it is actually accurate that Man-Thing is actually an entity that lives in the swamp, has the power to handle plant-life around the entire world, and whose body system is actually made of plant-life on its own, Man-Thing is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities. This provides him accessibility to dimensional trip, fact variation, and also even teleportation. Certainly not only that, yet Man-Thing likewise has an electrical power called acid tears, implying he can easily diffuse somebody’s flesh with a single contact – featuring, as it appears, the Hulk. Along with the Hulk currently on the run from creatures around the Earth, Man-Thing joins the various other creatures on their pursuit of the Strongest Avenger, and Man-Thing’s acidic tears actually has the toughness to take Hulk down.

Man-Thing Is The 1 Hero Who Can Beat Hulk

In a preview for The Incredible Hulk # 4 through Phillip Kennedy Johnson as well as Travel Foreman, Bruce Banner encounters Man-Thing while on the range from various other creatures making an effort to kill him. Because Man-Thing has a record of working together with the Avengers during the course of opportunities of crisis, Banner assumed he could possibly team up with him because his personal survival. Having said that, little bit of did Bruce know, Man-Thing is actually additionally searching Banner as well as the Hulk, even if it’s not however verified if he is actually accomplishing this in support of the Eldest – like the other monsters – or for an extra individual reason.

In the ultimate web page of the preview, Man-Thing is shedding Bruce Banner’s skin along with his acidic secretion, which isn’t unusual offered the fact that Banner is actually human. Nevertheless, what is actually even more noteworthy is actually the action presented on the cover of this particular concern, which shows Man-Thing having the ability to get rid of the skin layer of the Hulk with his contact. If Man-Thing possesses the energy to harm the Hulk as well as Banner by doing this, at that point it is actually decent to say he possesses the capability to eliminate him from it at the same time. Because the fastener of the Green Door removed his access to the Below-Place, the Hulk isn’t timeless anymore, he is actually merely nigh-invulnerable. Nevertheless, it seems to be Man-Thing’s acid-touch is among the few traits that may in fact injure him, which indicates it is actually arguably one thing that can additionally kill him.

Not simply is it significant that Man-Thing purportedly has the durability to remove the Hulk along with a mere touch, but also that he’s perhaps the only ‘beast’ keeping that functionality. In the final issue of the series, the Hulk smashed an eldritch creature venerated by the undead in a way that seemed to be additional like he was actually squeezing a frustrating bug than handling a worthy opposition. This shows that, away from all the companies searching Hulk currently, Man-Thing is actually probably the most effective. Which, in turn, brings in Man-Thing the absolute most hazardous, as Hulk is actually officially being actually targeted by the one hero that can easily eliminate him.

The Incredible Hulk # 4 through Marvel Comics is on call September 13, 2023.