Anakin Skywalker is actually undisputedly one of the greatest characters in the Star Wars mythos. Without him, there really is no tale to the Skywalker Saga. Coming from desert slave, to padawan, to Jedi Knight, to Dark Lord of the Sith, after that returning back to the light to spare his child Luke as well as the universe at large, the course of Anakin Skywalker is actually one that is actually told all over many movies, programs, as well as many various other tools. Nevertheless, there is an aspect to his journey that has gotten very little to no explanation: his mark.

Some supporters might be curious as to how Anakin Skywalker got the scar over his eye in between Attack of The Clones and also Revenge of the Sith. Consequently, the only true and also approved point enthusiasts find out about Anakin’s mark is that he reached some point during the Clone Wars. However, there is actually a much older comic from Dark Horse witties that offers the greatest explanation thus far.

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Neither Clone Wars Series Reveals The Origins of Anakin’s Scar

Strangely good enough, even with the presence of both an approved as well as a more mature non-canonical cartoon collection that go into wonderful particular over the activities of the Clone Wars, not either offer an explanation for Anakin’s mark. The first 2D animated set from Genndy Tartakovsky in the very early 2000’s revealed Anakin’s mark midway by means of its series, just after Anakin ended up being a Jedi Knight. Nonetheless, this is actually performed during the course of a montage featuring Anakin’s noble efforts in the course of the disagreement, and the go merely included his better half Padmé Amidala’s response to initial seeing his scar. No details were given. Irrespective, the set is now thought about non-canonical and not part of the main Star Wars constancy. Nevertheless, the Clone Wars collection that is component of the canon launched in 2008 is no aid either, as the Clone Wars film that launched the set includes Anakin having actually already been given his scar (with no description).

When Star Wars designer George Lucas himself was actually asked about the scar, Lucas answered that he had actually never definitely thought of the particular occasion of how Anakin got it, as it was actually merely indicated to become emblematic of Anakin’s growth in a Jedi Knight. He also the moment poked fun that Anakin obtained his mark by insinuating the bathtub. All traits thought about, the closest main reason for the scar could be located Dark Horse Comics’ Star Wars: Republic # 71, when Anakin intercrosses lightsaber cutters with Asajj Ventress.

Asajj Ventress Gave Anakin His Scar (And Could Have Killed Him)

distance =”1024″elevation=”512″lesson=” lazyload “src=”” title=”anakin-scar-duel-image”> In Star Wars: Republic # 71, Ventress travels to Coruscant, the Republic’s funding globe, to hunt down and also eliminate Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos. Vos had actually infiltrated Separatist innovator Count Dooku’s interior circle, impersonating a dark Jedi in order to obtain information for the Jedi Order. Nonetheless, Vos’ accurate objectives were found out and also he was forced to take off. Ventress, one of Dooku’s most dangerous assassins, seeks to get rid of Vos for his actions, having said that is incapable to reach him. Rather, she agrees to a Jedi she can easily discover: Anakin Skywalker. Anakin had actually left behind the Jedi Temple so as to watch a notification from his top secret spouse Padmé, making him the ideal isolated target for Ventress. She tempts him to engage in cope her, intimidating to pursue Padmé, which infuriates Anakin, creating him originally uneven. This makes it possible for Ventress to enjoy with Skywalker, triggering Anakin’s mark.

Despite Ventress being actually the one in charge of Skywalker’s mark, her victory is brief. This problem coming from Dark Horse takes the scar’s symbolism additionally than Lucas’s original objectives beyond simply presenting his development. Rather, getting the mark also symbolizes his very first steps in the direction of the Dark Side of the Force, as Anakin promptly desires retribution, an attribute of the Sith. Utilizing the Force, Anakin wraps Ventress in amazed cords, putting her in distressing discomfort and tossing her right into the dim void of Coruscant’s lesser amounts, believing that he had actually only killed her (though she would certainly be actually disclosed to have lived concerns eventually).

When Will Star Wars Make Anakin’s Scar Story Canon?

As with the 1st Clone Wars animated set, the comic set coming from Dark Horse including Star Wars: Republic are currently non-canonical. However, there has yet to become any type of verified explanation for the scar in the media that is actually canon thus far. While the analects Clone Wars concluded with its 7th period, 2022 carried out view the release of Tales of the Jedi, a new animated compilation concentrating on the journey of Count Dooku as well as Ahsoka Tano. Possibly a future time could possibly have an episode that reveals the approved tale behind the mark. In the meantime, Republic # 71 is actually the most ideal as well as closest cause followers have for a description, and also it’s pretty tough as well as reputable, suitable properly within the troubled path of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars universe and representing his rely on the pessimism drawing ever nearer as viewed in Revenge of the Sith.