To help his crime-fighting profession, Batman possesses some of the best tools to see to it he possesses whatever he needs on hand. Bruce Wayne’s electrical belt is one of the greatest staples of the Batman franchise, and the hero is actually popular for the numerous practical devices he always keeps within it.

The weapons in Batman’s belt have modified throughout the years, and Bruce is actually frequently switching out his tools for newer as well as better things. Yet only a few items are worth pointing out, and the following ten items are actually some of the very best things in Batman’s belt.

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10 Smoke Bombs

It’s one of Batman’s traditional gizmos to get him away from a simple jam. Learnt the craft of secrecy by several of the planet’s greatest competitors, Batman consistently utilizes smoke explosives to confuse his opponents and also hide his visibility while he helps make with his strike. Smoke cigarettes pellets also offer Bruce cover when he needs a breaking away or help him while rescuing captives. Whatever the explanation, Batman has usually maintained a number of smoke cigarettes projectiles in his belt, making them among minority pillars of Batman’s crime-fighting resources. 9 Rebreather “label=”rebreather-batman-dc-comics”> Speaking of smoke, Batman’s