Warning: SPOILERS for chapter # 116 of Chainsaw Man AND for Season 2 of the Chainsaw Man cartoons

Component 2 of Chainsaw Man lastly shows what occurred to Nayuta, the reincarnation of Makima, while also showing that Denji‘s goal has actually totally modified coming from Part 1. Previously, Denji merely desired to stay a good, pleasant life (after growing up via hardship and abuse), but now his target is actually to actually handle Nayuta and save up sufficient funds to offer her a correct education.

Chainsaw Man‘s Part 1 finished along with the defeat of Makima. However, the Control Devil reincarnated in a new physical body, a lady named Nayuta, that was actually left through Kishima to Denji to ensure that he might raise her as his little sister and avoid her coming from becoming similar to her previous incarnation. In Part 2, nevertheless, Nayuta certainly never showed up (with the exception of a small detail in one board), while Denji has been revealed to become tackling his life in the usual carefree manner, while also going to secondary school and also battling Devils as Chainsaw Man. Nevertheless, Denji’s usual behavior is currently fed through a quite different motivation.

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Section # 116 of Chainsaw Man series Denji finally opening up to Asa Mitaka (who is actually secretly the multitude of the War Devil), as both of all of them have actually been trapped in a fish tank by the electrical power of the Eternity Devil. Asa talks to Denji why he is actually therefore stressed along with cash, as he is actually acquiring university hats as well as other valuables inside the aquarium, to market them later. Denji exposes that he is performing it for his “sorta-little-sister“, who is really brilliant and is worthy of to visit university, thus he wants to be able to pay for her university tuition. This is actually a shockingly abundant goal for Denji, who has actually always been actually self-centered and also interested primarily regarding his personal health.

Denji’s Dream Is actually No Longer About Himself

This is actually the initial true upgrade that the set offers on Nayuta’s status, affirming that she is actually still living with Denji. This chapter also proves that Denji has altered a whole lot given that Part 1. When Asa formerly watched Denji selling reused cigarettes to destitute individuals, the majority of fans associated it to the character’s standard behavior of a person that matured in comprehensive ordeal because of his father’s personal debts with the Yakuza. His primary target has actually constantly been actually to reside “a really good life”, and this is actually additionally the manner of the deal that he produced with Pochita when the Chainsaw Devil reanimated Denji as well as became his heart. Nevertheless, the visibility of Nayuta has actually seemingly altered Denji’s dreams lucky fully various. Since he lived such a horrible lifestyle as a child, Denji wishes Nayuta to mature as ordinary as achievable, along with all the comforts she can receive.

The effect of Nayuta is evidence of the hanging around visibility that Makima still has in Denji’s lifestyle. Nevertheless, the fixation and profiteering that defined their connection partly 1 have actually blossomed lucky method even more positive. While Denji is actually still fairly “turned” for the standards of a shonen manga’s major personality, he is actually no more completely ego hungry. His easy desire living an excellent lifestyle has been moved to Nayuta, developing into an altruistic desire to provide her a great life rather. This shows that the tests he went through over the last (especially the loss of Aki and also Power), together with the existence of Nayuta in his life, have developed Denji in to a very different character for Part 2 of Chainsaw Man.

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