Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Who # 590A brand-new Doctor Who tie-in cartoon views the destruction of the Sonic Screwdriver, likely causing a renewed variation of the legendary gadget coming this year. The most up to date problem of Doctor Who Magazine delivers the official initial account for the new Fourteenth Doctor, something that is actually been thought about unmatched as it marks the very first time that a brand-new Doctor’s total story launching has actually remained in a cartoon. The story in question grabs straight where “The Power of the Daleks” ends. It is additionally worth taking note that the comic was looked after through coming back Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies himself.

“Liberation of the Daleks, part 7” by Alan Barnes and Lee Sullivan places The Doctor in a run-in with the Supreme Dalek, one that finishes with the last taking the past’s Sonic Screwdriver away from his hand. The Doctor makes an effort to argue that his unit is pointless to them, but that does not quit the Supreme coming from buying his protections to damage the Sonic. This coincides Sonic Screwdriver that was actually previously possessed through Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor prior to Fourteen’s birth.

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The Sonic is actually Destroyed

It costs noting that this is certainly not the first time in the formal canon that The Doctor’s screwdriver was damaged. Just like The Doctor himself, the Sonic Screwdriver has continued to progress right into numerous unique versions throughout the years, typically being actually damaged simply to be revitalized, like Gallifreyan regrowth. Sometimes, the devastation or substitute of The Doctor’s favored device is actually indicated to represent a new beginning for The Doctor, commonly happening either straight prior to or even after their regeneration starts.

Is Actually a New Model of Sonic Screwdriver Incoming?

Although numerous new traits are actually on the horizon for Doctor Who in 2023 as the program starts streaming to Disney+ this year, one significant change that longtime followers must certainly not anticipate is the end of the Sonic Screwdriver. The Sonic Screwdriver has actually been actually a staple of Doctor Who tradition given that the Second Doctor’s operate in the late 1960s, debuting in 1968’s “Fury from the Deep” serial. It isn’t very likely for the device to be written out forever as the franchise business’s 60th anniversary strategies.

What is actually likely, having said that, is that the Sonic’s destruction in this particular canonical comic are going to result in The Doctor getting or creating a new Sonic Screwdriver in some of the upcoming specials. Russell T. Davies directly supervising this comic must tell visitors that this comic was specifically created as a lead-in for the next special. What The Doctor has shed in the comic, he might find again when Physician Who go back to tv.