Warning: SPOILERS by means of The Flash # 49The most up to date problem of The Flash has ultimately answered a question that has sparked never-ending controversy amongst comics trivia enthusiasts for years. That is truth Fastest Man Alive – The Flash or Superman!.

?.!? The main answer to this inquiry has transformed frequently due to the fact that the 2 heroes initially dashed worldwide for charity in Superman # 199 in 1967. The 2 heroes have actually dashed many opportunities ever since, in the witties, cartoons as well as flicks. As a basic rule, the witties profess that The Flash is the quicker hero, with Barry Allen, Wally West and even an octogenarian Jay Garrick possessing beat Superman for many years. Other media often tends to portray Superman as the fastest, along with the Justice League flick revealing Superman having the ability to see The Flash happening as well as countering his super-fast attacks.

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Superman Can’t Catch Either Version of The Flash

The Flash # 49 views Barry Allen and also Wally West engage in a fast hunt that threatens to destroy the Earth, as the shockwaves through The Speed Force start to affect various other components of fact. To quit Amanda Waller and also ARGUS coming from enacting a dangerous assent against all of them, the Justice League and also the Titans transfer to cease the 2 speedsters. This causes Superman flying after each Flashes, in an attempt to figure out what possesses them thus whipped up that they’re relocating so quickly.

Within a few seconds, Superman goes back to his allies and the ARGUS group under Amanda Waller’s order. Shockingly, Superman is actually out of breathing spell and panting, must take a moment to compose themself before he may talk. His hair likewise appears cluttered and also his face is actually flushed and sweaty. Lastly, Superman gasps that he was incapable to obtain close sufficient to The Flashes for them to hear him and admits that he could not catch up to all of them.

The Flash Has Always Been Faster Than Superman

This additionally tracks effectively with Flash Rebirth # 3 where Barry Allen accepts there were opportunities he would certainly permit Superman gain intentionally whenever they competed for charity in the past. The Flash is actually the Fastest Man Alive, which features being quicker than Kryptonians. While Superman is actually effective and also a close 2nd as the globe’s fastest hero, he can’t cover the Speed Force.

While this account is actually extremely unlikely to dissuade those Superman fans who firmly insist that he is one of the most highly effective superhero in the universe in every stadium and “can possibly do anything,” as in the song through R.E.M., it carries out put another feather in the cowls of each Barry Allen as well as Wally West. It continues to be to be viewed which version of The Flash are going to show to become the true Fastest Man Alive – a question that is going to undoubtedly be addressed as the Flash War celebration continues.

The Flash # 49 is now accessible coming from DC Comics.