Luke Skywalker‘s mission to construct his famous green-bladed lightsaber in existing Star Wars canon produces a brand-new parallel between him as well as fan-favorite Clone Wars-era Jedi Ahsoka Tano. Marvel’s Star Wars comics are tiding over between The Empire Strikes Back as well as Return of the Jedi, and since Luke’s yellow-bladed lightsaber is actually no longer functioning, he will certainly currently must accomplish an essential initiation rite for Jedi and also create a brand-new item. Luke’s journey takes him to an earth first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, making an amazing web link in between him as well as Ahsoka.

In issue 34 of Marvel’s Star Wars witties, by Charles Soule as well as Madibek Musabekov, Luke Skywalker as well as R2-D2 traveling to Christophsis searching for an uncommon Kyber crystal, because Ilum (the traditional resource of Kyber crystals for Jedi) has been wreaked havoc by the Empire. A lot of the very first process of the 2008 The Clone Wars flick is actually set on Christophsis, with Ahsoka Tano debuting as Anakin Skywalker’s delegated padawan throughout a primary fight between Republic and Separatist pressures. Not just is going to Luke produce a major action towards Jedi Knighthood on Christophsis, yet he is being actually tutored due to the previous Fallanassi, Greta, making yet an additional similarity with Tano.

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Exactly How Luke & Ahsoka Are Linked Through Christophsis

Although Ahsoka Tano never ascended to Jedi Knighthood, she combated on a battleground for the very first time on Christophsis, making her spot as Anakin’s padawan as well as starting her long adventure of personal development, revealed throughout theseven periods of The Clone Wars. Luke Skywalker is, similarly, certainly not a Jedi however, yet one of the crucial steps toward Knighthood is actually designing a lightsaber, which is actually right now a need for Luke. And also equally as Ahsoka ended up being the padawan of Anakin Skywalker on Christophsis, Luke observes Gretta’s lead as she assists him locate a new Kyber crystal in Thanksgiving for his damage of the first Death Star.

Luke Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano’s Other Similarities

Luke Skywalker and also Ahsoka Tano’s similarities transcend the significance of Christophsis to their corresponding experiences. The two are uncustomary participants of the Jedi Order, to mention the least, with Tano finishing her formal Jedi path towards completion of the Clone Wars after the Order almost despaired in her. Luke in a similar way butts heads with the mistaken ways of the prequel-era Jedi, and also significantly resists the tips of Yoda as well as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Return of the Jedi, choosing to redeem Darth Vader as opposed to eliminate him. Ahsoka has actually sought to accomplish the same in Star Wars Rebels, a tragically not successful undertaking that nearly received her killed.

Although Luke comes to be a correct Jedi while Ahsoka stays an unaffiliated Force-user, both make it through the loss of the Galactic Empire. Ahsoka Tano does not come to be a participant of Luke’s new generation of Jedi, but she teams up with him as he constructs a brand-new Jedi Temple on Ossus. While Ahsoka Tano accurately notes the numerous correlations in between Luke Skywalker as well as his daddy, both portion several correlations themselves throughout the Star Wars timeline.