There’s been a lot of thrilling information as well as web content for Naruto followers this year. Coming from brand-new fine art to the extension of the Boruto series, supporters have actually been spoiled with new material from the series producers. Nevertheless, one manga spin-off including the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, has possibly been the best expected piece of Naruto web content in the final couple of years, and also now a release window has actually lastly been actually specified.

While the Tweet revealing the launch was unclear regarding the day that supporters may expect to lastly go through the one-shot, it carried out verify that the manga is going to be actually published in Weekly Shonen Jump this summer season. The release date is earlier than supporters anticipated, as the one-shot was counted on to lose around the very same time as the 4 brand new Naruto incidents celebrating the 30th anniversary of the series. An invited surprise, it resembles supporters may anticipate to go through Minato’s backstory even earlier than they expected. Nevertheless, as the Fourth Hokage and Naruto’s dad, fans have actually been standing by to listen to even more of Minato’s tale for years. Along with the one-shot happening just before the brand-new episodes, enthusiasts will not need to stand by much in all for brand-new material.

Minato’s Spin-Off Manga One-Shot Gets Summer Release Date

NARUTOP99 読切漫画続報 ! 第1位に輝いた 波風ミナト を題材にした 、 岸本斉史描きおろし読切漫画は今夏 ! 週刊少年ジャンプで掲載! ! #NARUTO

— NARUTO ・ BORUTO 原作公式 (@NARUTO_kousiki) May 14, 2023

Back in December 2022, the poll NARUTOP99 was published on Naruto’s official site that amassed worldwide interest. The survey was a competition for which personality would certainly obtain an unique one-shot spinoff coming from Kishimoto and also fans were actually given up until January to elect their favored character. The competitors burst online, along with hundreds of thousands of supporters crowding to the web site to recommend. After the neck-to-neck ballot rush, only one role can acquire the one-shot, as well as in April it was announced that Naruto’s father Minato had won the survey along with an outstanding score of 792,257 votes, showing him to become a greatly prominent character. Ultimately, after hanging around to see the outcomes due to the fact that the surveys enclosed January, the launch day for the spin-off was actually revealed on May 14th, teasing a summer season drop.

Minato has actually consistently been a fan-favorite personality. After the preliminary enigma encompassing the identification of Naruto’s deceased moms and dads, the discovery that the younger vagabond was actually the boy of the toughest shinobi in the record of Konoha happened as a surprise to lots of supporters. Naruto’s fated get-together along with the spirit of his papa initially, and after that along with Minato themself after he was briefly reanimated to fight in the fourth Shinobi World War, are actually still a number of one of the most mental instants in the record of the franchise business.

Minato wasn’t the only profoundly popular character in the poll, in spite of his grand slam succeed in the long run. The previous Hokage was actually signed up with on top of the survey by other fan-favorite characters Itachi Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, whose appeal even surprised Kishimoto himself. Naruto fans are actually enthusiastic that his acknowledgment of the popularity of opposite characters can trigger much more spinoffs, but also for now, Minato’s one-shot is actually the perfect start and also a terrific means to celebrate 30 years because the set started.