Warning: Contains spoilers for One Piece amounts 103 as well as 104.One Piece quantity 104 has been actually released in Japan, and in its own SBS, series producer Eiichiro Oda destroyed Kaido’s finest second from the Wano arc. In volume 104’s SBS, the cloaked CP0 agents that have actually shown up around the account are actually entirely identified, and also the representative with the mark and also shiner who hindered Luffy and Kaido’s fight is actually identified as Guernica. The surprising part regarding that, however, is that it in the beginning seemed that Guernica was actually the CP0 broker that was briefly viewed taking off Onigashima, given that his taking pictures of Luffy’s Gear 5 type had him be actually the just one affirmed to exist, however that representative was actually pinpointed in the SBS as Joseph.

Guernica being the CP0 agent that went to the roof implies that he likely endured the events of Onigashima, however that, in turn, damages Kaido’s absolute best moment from One Piece‘s Wano arc. Kaido getting rid of the CP0 broker who hindered his match along with Luffy was actually a great instant for him due to the fact that it improved him as a bad guy along with satisfaction who loathed must count on others for aid, especially when it protested an individual he saw as a worthwhile enemy. It was completely prototypical for Kaido to kill the CP0 representative for ruining his fight, but with the show that pointed out representative very likely survived the battle, the entire activity is actually cheapened due to the fact that Kaido right now failed to do just about anything to offset it.

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Kaido’s Fight With Oden Makes The SBS Reveal Even Worse

What produces the uncover about Kaido not killing the CP0 agent that mosted likely to the rooftop in the latest SBS even much worse is actually just how his battle along with Oden played out. When Kaido and also Oden dealt with, Oden would possess succeeded if Kurozumi Higurashi didn’t sidetrack him by developing into Momonosuke, and despite the fact that One Piece‘s Kaido made use of that, he still eliminated Higurashi for obstructing his battle. That is actually the same circumstance as exactly how Kaido’s match with Luffy played out, so it does not make sense that Kaido definitely would not have actually killed Guernica for interfering with his fight equally as he did with Higurashi.

The larger issue of Kaido not getting rid of Guernica, nevertheless, is that it carries on One Piece‘s negative style of fake-out fatalities. One of the most significant criticisms about the collection is how commonly a character will seemingly pass away an impressive death merely for it to be shown that they endured, often along with little bit of to no explanation. This has been a trouble since Pell’s inexplicable survival in the Alabasta legend, as well as while characters like Ace, Pedro, as well as Yasuie have possessed unambiguous fatalities, it still occurs far frequently along with personalities like Vander Decken, Pound, Kin ’em on, and Okiku. Shonen Jump‘s One Piece consistently declining to eliminate characters creates it challenging to get purchased some of the a lot more significant scenes, and Kaido not eliminating Guernica simply offers to continue that trend.

One Piece’s Fake-out Deaths Are Still A Problem For The Series

With the cartoons having actually just recently hit this factor in episode # 1070, the show possessed a possibility to consist of some tips that Guernica actually did endure his confrontation with Kaido versus all chances or even to negate the manga and also devote to killing him. However, the cartoons adjusts this instant much like the manga performs, showing the excessive energy of Kaido’s strike without in fact showing Guernica’s body system in the after-effects. It is this form of unclear presentation of the assault where the manga discovered, not devoting to confirming or even refusing Guernica’s ultimate fate as well as regrettably the anime has actually fallen into this exact same form of trap.

Along With One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda confirming that Guernica was the CP0 representative on the rooftop, Kaido’s ideal instant in the Wano arc is destroyed since it indicates he failed to renew his honor through eliminating him for interfering with his fight along with Luffy. Not just performs that carry on the series’ poor pattern of fake-out deaths, yet it creates Kaido’s personality wildly irregular since he did explicitly kill a person when in a comparable circumstance just before. The Wano arc created a bunch of concerns for the One Piece manga by the end of it, as well as this unexpected show concerning Kaido doesn’t assist with that in the tiniest.