Warning: SPOILERS for section # 182 of One-Punch ManOne-Punch Man shows a new detail concerning Saitama‘s incredible strength. While the trick of everyone’s beloved bald hero’s electrical power continues to be a secret, a brand-new part of details has emerged after Saitama’s heated fight versus Tatsumaki.

In chapter # 182 of One-Punch Man, the funny, devastating, as well as occasionally enchanting match between Saitama as well as Tatsumaki involves a conclusion. Just before she takes she may not trump Caped Baldy, nevertheless, the Tornado of Terror goes for it with her incredible clairvoyant powers. She snatches him in a telekinetic hold and also uses sufficient power to blast him completely to celestial spaces, yet the only effect this has is to create Saitama float a couple of centimeters in the air, even though he’s not definitely resisting. Tatsumaki comments that Saitama’s body thinks incredibly heavy, which may be a mean the attributes of his absurd strength.

Saitama’s Body Weighs More Than An Entire City

One of the most interesting as well as original elements of One-Punch Man is actually that its own protagonist, Saitama, is actually ridiculously overthrown, yet the collection has never ever provided any sort of severe illustration for this. The only opportunity that Saitama took care of the topic, he discussed a completely usual workout program, which resides in series along with the comedy tones of the manga. In the only severe theory stated, Saitama’s fabulous toughness is discussed with the “limiter breather”, however what that precisely entails is actually still an enigma.

Rather than elucidating the resource of Saitama’s electrical power, the particular mentioned in section # 182 could possibly clarify one thing concerning the effects as an alternative. The hero’s unique body system weight might derive from a high accumulation of mass, which is a pseudo-scientific illustration for super-strength usually used in comics. Saitama’s muscular tissue mass may be so heavy that it details his amazing durability and endurance. For reference, One-Punch Man‘s musician Yusuke Murata when stated in a meeting that Tatsumaki’s telekinesis is powerful good enough to raise the totality of Z-city. This means that Saitama’s physical body presses a great deal more than a whole urban area.

Nonetheless, hardcore enthusiasts will certainly bear in mind that, in the course of his aggression versus Boros, Saitama was actually virtually kicked right to the Moon, which would at that point indicate that the alien fighter is more powerful than Tatsumaki. Even more notably, One-Punch Man is actually constantly a humor manga at its primary, and also thus the power of the personalities and also the feats they may complete don’t always must be consistent. After all, at the start of this exact same phase, Tatsumaki has the capacity to toss Saitama in to a wall surface along with her electrical powers. Still, while followers of One-Punch Man will most likely never ever discover truth resource of Saitama‘s stamina, this new particular about his unbelievable body system weight adds an exciting item to the puzzle.

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