Warning! Has MAJOR MANGA SPOILERS for Oshi no Ko Chapter 117! The Oshi no Ko manga merely dropped a terrible surprise in its own most up-to-date phase that damages a popular fanship in between Aqua as well as Kana. The dark deconstruction of the Japanese entertainment industry through Aka Akasaka and also Mengo Yokoyari is actually familiar with taking the rug out from its own visitors as it did when it got rid of Ai at the starting point of the series and also prepared Aqua on a harsh course of revenge. With the damage of among its own significant ships this style continues, casting Aqua further into darkness.

Section # 117 of Oshi no Ko opens up along with Aqua and also Kana consuming all together and also reviewing the actress’ current shift coming from the idolizer group B-Komachi. At the end of their talk, Kana mentions that she acquired given a duty in the upcoming flick concerning Ai’s fatality having fun yet another idolizer that despised her. She asks Aqua if it is actually okay for her to take that role given it will oblige her to point out negative things about his mom. Accidently, Aqua mentions that he would certainly be actually great with it if it was her considered that Kana is actually unique to him, which induces her to get flustered as well as leave. This feels like a pleasant moment till Aqua maniacally laughs as well as muses to himself regarding just how conveniently Kana is controlled and also made use of.

Oshi no Ko Discloses Aqua Views Kana Merely as a Pawn

This of course isn’t ill-suited for Aqua since he learnt his father is actually still alive as well as unpunished. After that point, the fascination with retribution that he clung to initially of the series came back along with a lot more intensity and also pushed him to take even greater dangers such as revealing that he and also Ruby are actually Ai’s little ones. His fixation additionally led to the devastation of one more of his ships, after he damaged up along with Akane due to her hiding information regarding his dad in order to enable him to think Ai’s murderer was actually dead. But while the damage of that ship seemed natural given Akane’s activities operating contrarily to Aqua’s target, Aqua as well as Kana’s connection seemed to be far more natural.

While Akane learnt about Aqua’s interior night and became entangled in it, Kana has a much purer view of him. This led many followers to believe that Kana can be the best character to pull Aqua away from his spin right into night as the two deepened their connection. Rather, the most recent chapter reveals that Kana is actually allowing Aqua’s night as he sees her just as a resource to accomplish his goals. This was actually a terrible twist similar to the one by the end of Oshi no Ko‘s initial episode that induced it to come to be MyAnimeList’s best cartoons. Provided exactly how manipulative Aqua is right now as well as exactly how single-mindedly he is actually pursuing his goal it is actually unexpected that he will normally participate in any sort of partnership till his father is actually destroyed.

Oshi no Ko’s Latest Twist Shows the Depths of Aqua’s Darkness

The occasions of this particular phase are actually relatively ironic given Oshi no Ko‘s fifth incident merely planted a number of the first seeds for this ship. Yet however for Aqua x Kana followers, Aqua’s scenery of Kana might right now be actually also deformed to ever view her in a charming lighting. The shocking damage of among Oshi no Ko‘s very most prominent ships not only functions as a terrible twist however likewise demonstrates how incredibly Aqua’s journey has actually impacted his character.

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