Warning: consists of spoilers for Star Trek # 3! Wesley Crusher has so far been actually missing coming from Star Trek‘s unraveling god-war, however the latest issue of IDW’s brand-new Star Expedition comic hints he may possess a function to play. Wesley, final viewed on-screen during the course of Star Trek: Picard‘s 2nd time finale, belongs to the profoundly strong Travelers, and can easily trip via room as well as opportunity with but an idea. Such capabilities are probably to put him in the god-killer’s crosshairs, and also Star Trek # 3 hints he might get included along with the objective to stop their murder field day.

A strange pressure is actually killing the divine creatures of the Star Trek cosmos; one of the fatalities until now are actually Gary Mitchell and the Crystalline Entities. To help find out the offender, the Prophets send Captain Benjamin Sisko back to our extension of life. Starfleet accepts him back, however with some disorders, one of which is he has to submit to routine physical and mental health checkups. In the course of a counseling treatment with Doctor Beverly Crusher, she develops irritable along with Sisko’s tries at stone-walling her. She mentions some of the awesome creatures she has actually complied with as well as evokes her boy, Wesley, mentioning he underwent a knowledge comparable to Sisko’s. Sisko after that talks to Doctor Crusher if that clarifies her interest in him – to aid find Wesley. For a short moment, Crusher debriefs, prior to returning to the counseling treatment. The concern is actually created through Collin Kelly as well as Jackson Lanzing, sketched through Ramon Rosanas and Joe Eisma, colored through Lee Loughridge and also lettered by Clayton Cowles.

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Wesley Crusher, taken on through Wil Wheaton, was actually a routine on Star Trek: The Next Generation, departing during the course of the program’s fourth time. The son of Doctor Crusher, the Enterprise‘s medical doctor, Wesley featured enormous skills in design as well as physics, and quickly entered into the bridge workers. He later on left the Enterprise for Starfleet Academy. His time there was actually unstable, and he developed disillusioned with Starfleet. Wesley was actually considering subscription in the Maquis when he was moved toward by his close friend, a being gotten in touch with the Traveler, that he first came across in the series’s 1st season. He revealed that Wesley had unique capabilities, and also the episode ended along with Wesley leaving our plane of presence to participate in the Travelers. He came back in the course of the 2nd time ending of Star Trek: Picard, offering followers a tantalizing look at his divine powers and also capabilities.

Wesley Crusher Is Almost Certainly a Target of the God-Killer

While Doctor Crusher did certainly not primarily mention she joined Sisko’s crew to find her child, the scene nevertheless signifies Wesley possesses a task to play in the coming the lord war. The Travelers are actually hugely powerful, capable to find multiple timetables, traveling through area and time very easily, and stay forever. Such powers possibly create the Travelers aim ats for whatever is eliminating Star Trek’s god-like beings. This god-killer has actually finished a few of the franchise business’s very most powerful entities, like the previously mentioned Gary Mitchell. Gary Mitchell had the ability to make planetary systems, putting him in an organization above the Travelers, and also he still fell. Similarly, the Crystalline Entities have laid waste to whole worlds, and also the god-killer tore via them quickly. What chance do Wesley Crusher and also the Travelers possess after that?

Celebrity Trek‘s the lord war proceeds, as well as there will no doubt be actually more disasters as it rages on. A growing number of intrigues, like the Q, are actually running in fear of what is coming, but until now Wesley Crusher has been nonexistent. Yet Star Trek # 3 seems to validate he is going to play some duty in the god war just before it completes – with any luck one which will not bring an unfortunate point to his account.

Celebrity Trek # 3 is on sale currently coming from IDW Publishing!