C-3PO is one of Luke Skywalker‘s earliest and closest allies in Star Wars, as the android has actually been actually with him due to the fact that A New Hope along with familial associations stretching completely back to when Anakin Skywalker was a youngster. Nevertheless, regardless of the closeness of their relationship, brand new documentation has actually come to light that seems to be to indicate C-3PO actually deceived Luke in between the occasions of the initial triumvirate, and also Star Wars is about to confirm it.

C-3PO was offered in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope as a procedure android following R2-D2, who possessed vital info for the Rebellion on how to destroy the Death Star. Given the significance of his duty in the tale, C-3PO quickly began massaging shoulders along with the main-players of Star Wars, a setting he would certainly store throughout the authentic, innovator, and sequel triumvirates. However, that likewise implied C-3PO was subjected to some of one of the most risky individuals in the universe, featuring Darth Vader, Count Dooku, and now, a threat referred to as the Scourge– with the second being actually much more harmful to C-3PO especially. The Scourge is actually something of an android infection bolstered by the droid resistance innovator Ajax Sigma. It contaminates droids of all kinds, adjustments their eyes violet, as well as makes them a danger to organics. Based on an interview along with the article writer responsible for a brand new Star Wars comic, it appears as though the Scourge located its most recent sufferer: C-3PO.

C-3PO Will Become an Evil Star Wars Droid, & R2-D2 Will Have To Stop Him

In a meeting along with StarWars.com, Marc Guggenheim (the author responsible for the upcoming Star Wars: Dark Droids-D-Squad)was covering the comic on its own, consisting of the problems the characters will definitely need to overcome to do their part to defend the universe. D-Squad will follow a group of androids (the majority of which were initially seen interacting in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) led through R2-D2 as they function to oppose the wicked initiatives of damaged droids. During the interview, Guggenheim discussed the personal concerns for the personalities, specifically R2-D2. Guggenheim’s opinions were actually as complies with:

Without messing up that concern, suffice it to mention, that the nepotism that is actually influencing droids throughout the galaxy is made obvious to R2-D2 in a quite pointed as well as private means.

It’s risk-free to claim that there are not one other droids in R2-D2’s lifestyle he is actually more detailed along with than C-3PO, suggesting the ‘private’ factor of this storyline are going to likely be C-3PO themself acquiring harmed due to the Scourge– but that is actually certainly not all. The Star Wars Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher included C-3PO with purple eyes, the tell-tale indicator of Scourge disease. Thus, from what was unveiled through Marc Guggenheim regarding Artoo’s internal battles going into this comic to the reality that a Scourge-infected C-3PO was actually already shown on a variant cover, it may be with confidence forecasted that C-3PO will get on the side of the bad guys throughout his newest adventure.

The current duration of most of Star Wars‘ comic book constancy happens between the occasions of The Empire Strikes Back and also Return of the Jedi, so if C-3PO performs end up obtaining affected due to the Scourge, at that point that would imply he revealed Luke throughout that opportunity all along, and also Star Wars followers really did not also recognize it. Thus far, none of what is being dare listed here has actually made its own way right into Superstar Wars canon, yet Star Wars is actually definitely paving the way for C-3PO‘s shadiness, indicating it’s merely a concern of time before he unmasks Luke Skywalker and the rest of his pals to participate in the Dark Droids.

Source: StarWars.com