Precaution! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The High Republic # 3

In the current problem of Star Wars: The High Republic, the origins of Jedha’s Tey Sirrek are revealed, confirming his network to Rogue One’s Chirrut Îmwe. Starring Vildar Mac and also his brand new companion Padawan Matty Cathley, the two Jedi are actually checking out a string of break-ins involving religious artefacts all around the Holy City of Jedha. While they’ve been helped through Sirrek, a well-known thief, this new problem reveals his history as being one of the Guardians of the Whills.

In the new High Republic # 3 coming from Cavan Scott and Ario Anindito, it’s shown that Tey was actually incredibly discontent as a Guardian, charged with solely protecting Jedha’s Temple of Kyber. Sirrek found to do even more along with his instruction, observing those in requirement outside the wall surfaces of the Temple, desiring to adhere to the willpower of the Force as the Jedi do. Nevertheless, this rebellious streak consistently acquired him into issue, culminating in Tey’s selection to leave his service at the Temple responsible for.

The History of Star Wars’ Guardians of the Whills Revealed

In the present time of this particular brand new Star Wars set, Tey is a free agent who finds to assist those who are seldom discovered even by the Jedi Order. Having said that, his credibility and reputation as a charlatan features special obstacles that usually conflict with his real intention to carry out excellent throughout Jedha. By doing this, Tey’s condition as a previous Guardian of the Whills offers him a lot in common along with Chirrut Îmwe as well as his partner Baze Malbus, two of the final Guardians who were actually rejected of the Temple of Kyber after the Empire consumed Jedha.

Much like their precursor Tey Sirrek, Chirrut (as well as a hesitant Baze) extended their services throughout the Holy City, assisting where they can prior to they inevitably escaped the world’s destruction along with Jyn Erso as well as Cassian Andor in Rogue One, joining the group that stole the Death Star plans on Scarif. Chirrut additionally makes use of the Guardians’ standard lightbow equally Tey and the High Republic Guardians perform, confirmed to become a standard-issue weapon for the Temple of Kyber’s guards.

At any rate, it will definitely interest observe if Vildar Mac and Matty will ultimately pertain to depend on Sirrek as this new High Republic collection carries on. The Jedi Master specifically does not count on Tey, and also it absolutely doesn’t assist that it now appears as though Sirrek made an effort to blow up the Temple with the Jedi and Guardians inside. Star Wars: The High Republic # 3 is on purchase right now from Marvel Comics.