All tales involve an end, and One Piece is no exemption to that policy. After 1000 episodes, 101 manga volumes, as well as a five-year estimate from author Eiichiro Oda, enthusiasts have started to speculate when as well as how the collection will definitely finish.

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For this tale, a number of these supposed endings vary coming from pleased to poor, to bittersweet. And while merely Eiichiro Oda understands the fact of what should take place, these enthusiast conjectures might join the reality of what the writer desires.

The Great War

The Great War has been actually verified as being unpreventable, however the battle outcomes are actually still an enigma. One concept holds some of the happy ending concepts for the staff, which is what many followers expect! The short, pleasant, as well as relevant of the theory is that the Strawhats head to Raftel and locate the One Piece, Sanji finds the All Blue, and Robin finds out the last Poneglyph that contains the info regarding the Void Century. This creates the war to occur, and with some of the kingdoms backing the workers, they manage to win the battle. Luffy will definitely ruin Fishman Island and the Red Line. And also along with the remainder of the targets complied with, Luffy is actually declared the Pirate King.

Companionship is The Real Treasure

Despite specific traits that he performed certainly not plan on adding, Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that this motto finishing are going to certainly not belong to the tale. However some supporters still take it up, leading to others to quickly remedy all of them to attempt as well as cease the escalate of this concept.

This ending was actually more than very likely recommended as a result of Luffy and his capacity to befriend others rapidly and just how he has the ability to win some over by his actions. The supporters also do certainly not understand what the treasure is actually. But no matter the number of opportunities Oda demystifies this concept, there will definitely constantly be unbelievers as well as cynics who expect the ‘Shounen Conclusion.’ Additionally, it’s made for some great memes.

Lowering The Government And The Celestial Dragons

To preface this, this is an aged and also obsolete concept. However while a few of its forecasts haven’t happen, some famous notes have actually come to pass. Particularly, throughout the war with Kaido, when CP-0 made an effort to take Robin from the Straw Hats.

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The Wano Arc lugs recommendations that One Piece might finish in the Great War where a lot of partnerships and also good friends Luffy has created before collaborated for the final battle. Luffy and his allies will certainly win the battle and after that remove the Celestial Dragons as well as the Red Line splitting the World.

Passing On The Straw Hat

The Straw Hat is actually certainly not merely a regular hat Luffy wears for show. It was actually first possessed through Gol D. Roger, that passed it on to Shanks, that would eventually pass it on to Luffy. Regardless of stating he would certainly return the hat to Shanks after accomplishing his target, some hypothesize that Luffy may pass it down to someone else as a result of a design developed in the account.

After Gol D. Roger possessed a workers referred to the Roger Pirates, Shanks did the exact same by developing the team referred to as the Red Hair Pirates. Shanks saw the ability in Luffy to outperform him someday as well as trusted him with the hat. And also like his forerunners, he also developed a team of his own. These occasions have induced followers to strongly believe that when Luffy has performed his duty, he very will certainly hand down the straw hat to another that is deemed deserving.

Extra Adventures To Come

Some experiences certainly never truly finish. This theory is determined due to the performance of Luffy reckoning the staff that he broke the quick way to Laugh Tale. At the end of that scene, he told the crew

that there are actually lots of experiences that still await all of them. Pertained: One Piece Crew Members Ranked By

Likability After Luffy becomes the Pirate King and also his team manages to secure everything they want, Luffy would greater than likely desire to remain to be at sea. With just how devoted his crew is as well as the exciting they possessed throughoutOne Piece’s ideal episodes, they would certainly observe him. After boarding the ship, the workers takes place to their following adventure, as there is still plenty a lot more for the crew to experience.

Deteriorating Health And Death

Not every account ends the way our company prefer them to, as well as this is an additional example of how fans’ highest expectation for a pleased end may be ripped out of all of them, specifically when the hero of the tale breaks down.

Luffy’s existing gears and also the feasible add-on of a fifth equipment that possesses however, to become found out support him in beating challenging rivals. Nonetheless, they also take a toll on his physical body. As a result of the overuse of his gears, Luffy passes away ultimately. The concept is awful however it would not be an entirely unexpected piece twist, offered One Piece may possess shockingly darker minutes.


There are consistently other awful closings for heroes. Instead of perishing of organic reasons, there is actually always the hero being actually killed, one thing most fans regularly fear.

Enthusiasts have actually talked about the option of Luffy meeting a dreadful fate. The theory discusses the staff finding the One Piece and possessing all their aspirations come true. However past history, from time to time, can repeat itself. It is speculated that Luffy will be actually executed the same way Gol D. Roger was actually with a few of his staff participants watching, leaving behind the supporters heartbroken.

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