The Phoenix is just one of the most highly effective cosmic beings in Marvel Comics, prepared to destroy celebrities and also produce destructive energy on a range that’s tough to imagine. The X-Men barely survived their first and also traditional encounter with the body in “The Dark Phoenix Saga,” bring about the inquiry of who else in Marvel Comics will have the capacity to defeat the Phoenix.

Several highly effective beings and also pressures exist within the Marvel Universe, a few of which are starting to arise in the MCU. The Scarlet Witch’s expedition of mayhem miracle could possibly trigger a conflict in between chaos miracle as well as the Phoenix Force. It is actually one that’s already taken place in the witties, with stunning results for visitors.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight in fact served as the bunch of the Phoenix Force for a quick time. However when he realized only how devastating the company actually was, Moon Knight performed one thing unthinkable: He denied the Phoenix Force deliberately. While mesmerized in a battle with the Avengers, Moon Knight permits Thor to lambaste him out, obliging the Phoenix Force to carry on and locate a brand-new host.

It is actually difficult to locate somebody capable of the high willpower it takes to withstand the effect of the effective force. But Marc Spector dealt with to accomplish it, giving the hero a shocking benefit over the grandiose power.


The Devourer of Worlds has in fact fought against the Phoenix, in Excalibur # 61 coming from 1993. This was the Rachel Summers version of the character, arguably at the height of her electrical powers.

Galactus went to the ebb of his, famished and weak. Phoenix metro had the capacity to defeat him in a definitely grandiose battle, but if Galactus had actually gone to total durability, it seems to be the conditions will have been actually incredibly various in this particular titanic fight.

Particle Man

As highly effective as the Beyonder, Molecule Man has not just spared the whole entire Marvel universe however additionally recreated it, confirming that he’s even more powerful than the Phoenix. If the Watcher possesses his eye on you, you understand you’re a hazardous hazard to the multiverse. Formerly, Molecule Man’s energies had been solid but certainly not supreme, which eventually changed as his constraints were actually raised for many years. Taking into consideration that, after Secret Wars, Molecule Man works as a surprise designer of the cosmos, he could certainly handle the Phoenix.

Galaxy (With Infinity Gauntlet)

For a short minute in The Infinity Gauntlet comic book set in the early 90s, Nebula possessed the energy of the Infinity Stones in her palms. The bundled electrical power of the rocks is truly grandiose as well as offered what has actually been actually accomplished with all of them, provides a major challenge to the Phoenix.

On a pure energy degree, the Gauntlet and the Phoenix stack up. The distinction is actually self-discipline, as well as at the very least in the witties, Nebula was really driven to obtain her palms on the Gauntlet. Though her opportunity using it was quick, she confirmed to be really hazardous along with its own spectacular power.


The Amazing Spider-Man managed to finish off none, however two lots of the Phoenix Force at the same time. In Avengers vs. X-Men # 9, Peter is actually pushed to challenge Colossus as well as Magik, two participants of the Phoenix Five. Spider-Man stands no chance versus the highly effective siblings and also is at a major negative aspect. Nonetheless, he methods Magik as well as Colossus right into attacking each other, knocking all of them both out and also always keeping

himself alive. Peter is actually utilized to fighting above his weight class, as well as it seems that even an electrical power like the Phoenix Force isn’t way too much for Spider-Man to take care of provided that he may presume on his feet.


Thor is one of the most highly effective Avengers in the witties and also the MCU, but even with all his might, the God Of Thunder alone can’t finish off

the Phoenix Force. However he has verified that he can most effectively the grandiose company along with the electrical power of Mjolnir, his mystical hammer. In a battle between King Thor, a potential version of the Son of Odin, and also the Phoenix Force, Thor takes the highly effective body out with the hammer. This isn’t adequate to destroy it, but it recommends that he possesses the electrical power a minimum of to take on it. Additionally, it was actually recently disclosed that, not long after his childbirth, Thor was actually suffused along with the energy of the Phoenix, and he could possibly even influence its fire for some time. Medical professional Strange The Sorcerer Supreme is just one of the best highly effective illusionists in the Marvel Universe, otherwise one of the most effective. Medical professional Strange has confirmed his power in the MCU, capable to snare the interdimensional entity of Dormammu in an opportunity loop as well as also recognize unlimited varieties of time to offer the Avengers a conveniences.

In a lot of aspects, the comics variation of Doctor Strange is even more effective. With near-complete authorization over the mystical arts, he has an electrical power the Phoenix just doesn’t have. He might theoretically exorcise the Phoenix from its own host, which would certainly alter the guidelines of the fight substantially.

Iron Man

While Tony Stark was never capable to fully defeat the Phoenix Force, he definitely managed to quit the powerful critter when he, in addition to the Avengers, faced the Phoenix and the X-Men in the Avengers Vs. X-Men crossover activity. As he typically performs, Tony Stark created a special shield for

the affair: the Phoenix Buster. The Phoenix Buster is just one of Iron Man’s most powerful shields. It functioned, and the Phoenix Force was broken up into different portions. These sections took on lots of their own, at some point becoming the Phoenix Five, but Tony Stark managed to pound it momentarily.

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom is capable of numerous traits, and also yes, he’s also canonically defeated the Phoneix Force prior to. In Secret Wars # 4, a variety of heroes tried to stop the bad guy from enhancing reality to his will, including Cyclops, who was carrying the Phoenix Force. However, Doom was possessing the electrical power of Molecule Man and also the Beyonders, creating him way too much for the mutant to deal with.

Doom is up for any sort of difficulty and also isn’t terrified to combat any sort of being, regardless of their power. While Doom’s victory versus the Phoenix Force isn’t conventional, it’s a strong indication of what will happen if he encountered it in an usual instance.


The literal personification of Death in Marvel Comics was at the epicenter of Thanos’famous Infinity Gauntlet break in the comics. She possesses power in her own right and also her condition as an essential force of the universe creates her

properly undisputable to the Phoenix Force. Fatality has infinite intelligence and energy and functions from a pocket truth that is actually all her very own. In a straight battle, it is actually not likely the Phoenix would have the ability to defeat Death at all.


The Beyonder comes from a race of nearly-omnipotent creatures who reside outside the Marvel Universe, in the residues of the Second Cosmos.

He was actually the bad guy of the legendary authentic Secret Wars as well as its less-than-successful part two, and also his brethren were the perpetrator behind the damage of the Multiverse that culminated in 2015’s Secret Wars.

As the Beyonders once ruined the whole Multiverse, that additionally consisted of grandiose personifications including the Living Tribunal and also (regardless of whether it had not been shown) the Phoenix Force. While the Phoenix is perhaps the effective cosmic pressure, it is actually still constrained by the legislations of the Multiverse, while the Beyonder functions away from them.

Thanos (With The Infinity Gauntlet)

Comic supporters recognize Thanos is an Eternal of Titan, making him extremely effective and essentially immortal. This isn’t sufficient to place him in the game with the Phoenix Force, though.

Along with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, he at least has a shot. He featured not only its own power yet his wicked attribute when he broke away one-half of all life in the universe. This was actually a process much past also the Phoenix’s most damaging moments as well as puts together the possibility that Thanos can finish off the Phoenix along with a piece of cake of his fingers.


Odin was actually the All-Father of Asgard, wielder of the may of the gods, of ancient and also neglected magic, and also of his personal cosmic energy, named the Odinforce. Along with such a strong collection at his fingertip, it’s possible to assume that Odin can pound the Phoenix Force, under the appropriate conditions. He likewise shares a weird connection with the Phoenix Force, revealed in the Thor Generations comic. The Odin coming from the Avengers 10,000 B.C. storyline really possessed a romantic relationship along with the Phoenix Force, maybe offering him some knowledge right into its weak spots.

Residing Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is one of the absolute most powerful creatures in the Marvel Multiverse. He sits on top of the planetary hierarchy as well as has the power and expert to determine also supreme creatures such as Eternity. While the Phoenix is a”wild card”in Marvel’s grandiose pantheon, the Living Tribunal’s authority will likely cross her too.

Jean Grey

There’s a reason Jean was actually selected to become the host to the timeless company from the beginning. As an Omega-Level mutant, Jean Grey is just one of one of the most effective mutants active. While she definitely would not have the ability to deal with the grandiose powers of the Phoenix directly, Jean probably wouldn’t need to.

She showed her ability to alter reality relatively against Cassandra Nova in the X-Men Red comics series, as well as jointly along with various other Omega-Level mutants, she recently terraformed Mars in mere hrs. Much more significantly, Jean is the favored bunch of the Phoenix Force, and thus she ought to have the capacity to merely control the destructive pressure.

The One Above All

The One Above All is actually the developer of the whole entire Marvel Multiverse in the comic books and also is actually of such great power their correct form has actually never ever been represented. It is actually remarkably very likely that The One Above All could possibly dispense with the Phoenix Force if they chose, provided they are generally in charge of the production of the cosmic facility.

The One Above All has actually merely made a handful of looks in the comics, and also at times has taken on the similarity of Jack Kirby, the famous article writer, and also artist behind much of Marvel’s most well-known characters.

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is the child of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, as well as among the most powerful creatures in the witties. He made a whole entire world in the Heroes Reborn 90s comic book crossover celebration, where he placed the Avengers as well as Fantastic Four for safekeeping.

He has also defeated Mephisto, among the best strong bodies in the comics, as well as even dispersed the fragments of Mephisto’s soul. With his energy to alter reality, he will be an intense risk to the Phoenix Force.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch possesses huge energies as a Nexus Being and customer of Chaos Magic. She has actually likewise reduced the Phoenix Force in war. When the Phoenix consumed Scott Summers, Wanda managed to certainly not simply eject the strong entity from him however additionally reverse the harm it has actually created as well as cast the running out the planet by just completing, “No a lot more Phoenix.”

This action was on the same level along with her completing “Say goodbye to mutants” in the House Of M storyline that motivated WandaVision. Along with a straightforward key phrase or even motion, Wanda may alter fact on an unthinkable incrustation, considerably lowering the capability of the Phoenix to even contend a user of turmoil magic like the Scarlet Witch.